Bring a Site Online or Take It Offline

When a site is online, users with proper access can view it with a standard web browser at a designated address (URL). When a site is offline, the site isn’t available for public viewing. You can view the site only in Oracle Content and Experience.

Before you can bring a site online, it must have been published. To publish the site, see Publish Site Changes.

The status icon on the right shows whether the site is online or offline:

  • If the site has never been published before, you see a dash (-).
  • If the site is online, you see Online icon.
  • If the site is offline, you see Offline icon.

For information on who can access an online or offline site, see Understand Site Security.

To change the status of a site, you must be the site owner or have the manager role, or, if site governance is enabled, site administrators can change the status of any site regardless of whether or not the site is shared with them.

  1. On the Sites page, select the site from the list.
  2. Click the status icon or click Bring Online or Take Offline in the menu bar.
    You’re prompted to confirm your choice.
When you bring a site online, a fully rendered HTML version of the site is created and copied to the hosting location in Oracle Cloud. An online site shows its URL below the site name. The format of the default URL is:

When you take a site offline, the site and its folders and files are removed from the hosting location in Oracle Cloud.