Build an H1 Component with a Settings Panel

You can create a minimal Oracle Content and Experience component that has a simple HTML template and CSS. This H1 component has a simple settings panel and an entry for the theme in design.json to allow other Oracle Content and Experience users to pick from three built-in styles when using the component in an editor.

When you create the new component, you get a set of seeded files that will work out of the box. The seeded files cover most of the functionality of a component within the product. You can change the seeded code to create your own component, which requires only a small subset of seeded code to achieve the end result.

You can build an H1 component with a settings panel in five steps:

  1. Create a New Local Component

  2. Build the Basic H1 Component

  3. Add CSS for Your Component

  4. Add a Settings Panel to Change Heading Text

  5. Update the Theme for Others to Pick the H1 Component Style