Change the Page Layout

A layout defines how content is arranged on the page. Different layouts can contain a different number of named slots, which is a region spanning the width of the page. A slot can contain one or more types of content.

Every theme has several page layouts. When you add a page to a site, you select a layout to use for that page. Each layout has slots where you can drag and drop content. What content goes into these slots is up to you. It can be anything from titles, text, and dividers to multimedia, galleries, and social media. You can arrange the content in a slot, but you can’t change the number or arrangement of slots on the page. To do that, you have to use a new page layout.


You can swap one layout for another. Be careful though. If you choose a layout with fewer or differently named slots, existing content in other slots won’t display in the new layout. The content isn’t deleted, it just can’t be displayed unless the layout you choose has a slot with the same name.

The following illustration shows a sample layout for a page. You can see the empty slot in the page layout and the completed page with title, image, and text added to the slot.

To select a different layout for a page:

  1. Open a site for editing.
  2. Navigate to the page and click Page Settings icon.
  3. Go to the Page Layout field and select a different layout from the menu. The number and type of page layouts depends on the theme associated with your site.
  4. To save all pending changes in the current update, click Save.