Change Site Template Details

The site template details tab shows the site template name, author, description, site template theme, custom components included in the site template, whether or not the site template requires a site security taxonomy, and the site template preview images. If site governance is enabled, you also see the status of the site template (whether the site template is available for use when creating sites).

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can change or update site template properties such as the name and description. You can also add or remove preview images of the site template.

You can update site template details if you created the site template (you’re the site template owner), you're a site administrator, or if someone shared a site template with you and gave you a Contributor or Manager role.

If you add preview images, the files are stored in the site template’s asset folder. These files don’t appear in any associated website, but allow the site template owner to provide information about the site template itself.

To view or change site template details:

  1. Click Developer and then click View All Templates.
  2. Select the site template, and choose Details in the right-click menu or click Site Template details icon in the actions bar.
  3. Edit the information as necessary. If you can’t edit the information, you don’t have the Contributor or Manager role.
  4. To add a preview image, click Add preview image icon. Find the image you want to use, or click Upload to upload an image stored locally. The image should be at least 180px by 135px (aspect ratio of 4:3). Smaller images might not display optimally and images much larger might affect performance.
    If all the preview image spots are filled, you'll need to delete an image before you can add a new one. To delete a preview image, click Delete preview image icon on the image.
  5. Click Save.