Change Template Status or Audience

The template audience tab shows the status of the template (whether the template is available for use when creating sites) and who can use the template to create sites.

You see the template audience tab only if site governance is enabled and you are a site administrator. See Understand Site Governance.

To view or change template audience:

  1. Click Developer and then click View All Templates.
  2. Select the template, choose Details from the menu bar or right-click menu, and then click the Audience tab.
  3. To change the template status, click the status switch. You must make the template active for users to create sites from the template. By default, when you make activate a template, it's available to all site creators. If you want to change who can use the template, change the setting on this tab.
  4. Select who can use this template to create sites.
    • Specific people—Only selected people can use this template to create sites. Start entering the name or email of the person or group you want to be able to use this template, then select the person or group from the search results. To remove a person or group, click the X next to their name.
    • Everyone—Anyone who can create sites can use this template.
  5. When you're done, click Save.