Create a New Site or Asset Translation Job in the Oracle Content and Experience Server

Use OCE Toolkit to create a translation job for a site or an asset in Oracle Content and Experience.

Before you can index a multilingual site, you need a translation job. To create a translation job:

  1. Click Translate on the top menu of the Sites page.

  2. Enter a name for the job in the Create Translation Job dialog, and choose the default source language, the target languages, and the translation job contents.

    You can choose to have your translation package include all site content and targeted assets, only site content, or only assets targeted to the site's publishing channel.

    Exclude from the translation any content items that are configured with the Do not translate text setting. For example, product names typically are not translated.

  3. Click Create to create the translation job.

  4. Use an OCE Toolkit command to list the available jobs:

    cec components> cec list-translation-jobs
    Asset translation jobs:
    Name                                              Status       Source Language Target Languages                      Pending Languages
    Site translation jbs:
    Name                                              Status       Source Language Target Languages                      Pending Languages
    demo1                                             READY        en-US           fr-FR,es-ES                           fr-FR,es-ES
    searchdemo1                                       TRANSLATED   en-US           fr-FR,es-ES
  5. Download your translation job:

    cec components> cec download-translation-job demo1
     - translation job downloaded to /Users/<user-name>/Dev/webclient/developers/sites-toolkit/cec-components/
     - update the translation job status to INPROGRESS.
    cec components> cec translate -l all -t
     - target languages: fr-FR,ex-ES
     -  translation finished: /Users/<user-name>/Dev/webclient/developers/sites-toolkit/cec-components/
  6. Open the translation bundle and build the folders of resources for languages that you're translating to:

    replace assets/job.json? [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: A
      inflating assets/job.json
      inflating site/job.json
      inflating assets/es-ES/CORE47653001483240C1AAF180C435F189AB-search_siteSearch202.json
      inflating assets/es-ES/COREA570227E12194356BAA16A80A78A2670-entry1.json 
      inflating assets/es-ES/CORED977BC199A3B494596F0D467CAADF7FA-entry2-json
      inflating assets/fr-FR/CORE47653001483240C1AAF18DC435F1B9A8-search_siteSearch202.json  
      inflating assets/fr-FR/COREA570227E12194356BAA16A80A78A2670-entry1.json 
      inflating assets/fr-FR/CORED977BC199A3B494596F0D467CA4DF7FA-entry2.json 
      inflating assets/root/CORE476530014B3240C1AAF18DC435F1B948-search_siteSearch202.json 
      inflating assets/root/COREA570227E12194356BAA16A80A7842870-entry1.json 
      inflating assets/root/CORED977BC199A38494596F0D467CA4DF7FA-entry2.json 
      inflating site/es-ES/10.json
      inflating site/es-ES/100.json
      inflating site/es-ES/110.json
      inflating site/es-ES/120.json
      inflating site/es-ES/130.json
      inflating site/es-ES/140.json
      inflating site/es-ES/150.json
      inflating site/es-ES/200.json
      inflating site/es-ES/201.json
      inflating site/es-ES/202.json
      inflating site/es-ES/203.json
      inflating site/es-ES/siteinfo.json
      inflating site/es-ES/structure.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/10.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/100.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/110.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/120.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/130.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/140.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/150.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/200.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/201.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/202.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/203.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/siteinfo.json
      inflating site/fr-FR/structure.json
      inflating site/root/10.json
      inflating site/root/100.json 
      inflating site/root/110.json
      inflating site/root/120.json
      inflating site/root/130.json 
      inflating site/root/140.json 
      inflating site/root/150.json 
      inflating site/root/200.json 
      inflating site/root/201.json 
      inflating site/root/202.json 
      inflating site/root/203.json
      inflating site/root/siteinfo.json 
      inflating site/root/structure.json 
  7. Import the translation job:
    cec-components> cec import-translation-job
     - Logged in to remote server: <server url>
     - file uploaded to home folder, version 1
     - importing: percentage 5
     - importing: percentage 60
     - import demo1 finished