Create Page Index Content Items with OCE Toolkit

You can use an OCE Toolkit command to create page index content items.


  • OCE Toolkit has been installed and set up on your local machine.

  • The site on Oracle Content Management has been published.

  • The content items on the site page have been published to the site channel.

In a command-line interface, type the following OCE Toolkit command:

cec index-site site name -c content type name -p

In the command, site name is the name of the site, content type name is the content type created for the page text; and the option -p indicates to publish the page index content items after creation.

Usage: cec index-site <site>

Create content item for each page with all text on the page. If the page index content item already exists for a page, updated it with latest text on the page. Specify -c
<contenttype> to set the page index content type. Optionally specify -p to publish the page index items after creation or update.

  --contenttype, -c  <contenttype> page index content type
  --publish, -p      publish page index items
  --help, -h         Show help                                                                                                                                            [boolean]

  cec index-site Site1 -c PageIndex
  cec index-site Site1 -c PageIndex -p

To see the usage, you can type cec index-site -h