Create a Section Layout

Create a section layout to arrange content within a slot on a site page.

An enterprise user can arrange content items on a site based on section layouts that you provide as a developer. You can create new section layouts from the default layout.

You can export a section layout to modify it offline and then import it either as a new section layout or to replace the existing section layout. Export the section layout individually or as part of a template package that includes custom components and layouts.

The following out-of-the-box section layouts are available:

  • Horizontal

  • Two Column

  • Three Column

  • Vertical

  • Tabbed

  • Slider

You can use these right away in Site Builder without having to create anything.

The files for these section layouts have comments with more details about the structure of section-layout files. To see the comments, you can create a new section layout based on an out-of-the-box one and then export the new layout for editing, as described in the following procedure.

To create a section layout:

  1. On the home page, click Developer.
    The Developer page is displayed.
  2. Click Components.
  3. From the Create drop-down menu on the right, choose Create Section Layout.
  4. In the Create Section Layout dialog box, provide a name and description for your section layout component.
  5. To export the section layout for editing, select it, and then click Export in the top menu.
    1. Navigate to an existing folder, or click Create to create a new folder and provide a name and, optionally, a description.
    2. Select the checkbox next to the folder, and click OK.
    3. Click the folder’s icon or name to open it.

    A layout package file is created in the selected folder with the section layout name and a .zip extension. Download the file to your development environment to edit the files.

    Description of section_layout_assets.png follows
    Description of the illustration section_layout_assets.png

    You can find information about the Section Layouts API in Develop Custom Section Layouts with APIs.

  6. Import your modified files either as a new section layout or to replace the existing section layout.
    1. On the home page, click the Content tab, and then click Documents.
    2. Upload the modified section layout to a folder, in a file with a .zip extension, which includes the same folder and file names that you exported.
    3. On the Developer page, click Components.
    4. From the Create menu, choose Import Component.
    5. Select the checkbox next to the uploaded zip file that contains the modified section layout, and click OK.

    Your modified section layout is imported to the folder you selected.

You can also export a section layout to copy or move it to another Oracle Content and Experience instance and import it there.

For information about managing section layouts, see Arrange Page Content in Building Sites with Oracle Content and Experience.