Create a Template

If you have a site that you want to use as a starting point for other sites, you can create a template from that site. You also can create a new template by copying an existing template and making changes to the copy.

If you create a template from an existing site, the new template uses a copy of the site as its default site. The template references the theme used by the site and any custom components used in the site pages. The theme and custom components are not copied to the template, but are referenced in the same way they are by the site. The template reflects the site used to create it at the time the template is created. Further changes to the site used to create the template are not reflected in the site stored with the template.

If you create a new template by copying an existing template and renaming the copy, you make changes to the copy. Note that when you copy a template, sharing information for the template isn’t copied.

Don’t use the following names for templates, themes, components, sites, or site pages: authsite, content, pages, scstemplate_*, _comps, _components, _compsdelivery, _idcservice , _sitescloud, _sitesclouddelivery, _themes, _themesdelivery. Although you can use the following names for site pages, don’t use them for templates, themes, components, or sites: documents, sites.

If you want to create your own custom template (with site and theme), it’s best to use the JET Starter Template or Starter Template provided by Oracle Content and Experience, which contains basic elements for a site and an associated theme. A starter template includes information and instructions written into the site pages to help you explore how to layout and design a site and theme in a custom template.

See Manage Templates and Work with a Starter Template.