Develop Custom Components with Developer Cloud Service

Oracle Developer Cloud Service helps you develop templates, themes, and custom components for Oracle Content and Experience.

The Developer Cloud Service integration with Oracle Content and Experience provides a template with tools to develop templates and components. It also provides sample unit tests to start with. The integration includes a Git repository and tools, which help develop templates and components, as well as a local test harness for quick, iterative development of templates, themes, and custom components.

Developer Cloud Service can help you do the following tasks:

  • Set up your local development environment to use an Oracle Content and Experience instance for local development and testing of templates, themes, and components

  • Create templates and components from samples or starters, run in them in the test harness, explore them, and develop the templates, themes and components in a Developer Cloud Service environment

  • Import templates or components that were created from Oracle Content and Experience into a Developer Cloud Service environment for source management and further development

  • Export templates or components from a Developer Cloud Service environment to be imported into Oracle Content and Experience for use in websites

  • Copy an existing component

  • Write unit tests

  • Optimize components

  • Deploy your components to Oracle Content and Experience

The following topics describe how to use the integration of Developer Cloud Service to develop for Oracle Content and Experience: