Enable Prerender Service for Search Engine Optimization

You can enable sites built with Oracle Content and Experience to prerender static HTML pages to respond to search crawler requests.

If the prerender service is enabled and a request comes in from a search crawler, the page is searched for in cache.

  • If the page is found in cache and is less than 15 days old, the request is served the cached page.

  • If the page in cache is older than 15 days or is not found in cache, a new version is fetched from Oracle Content and Experience, the cache is updated, and the new prerendered page is served.

  • If the page is not found in cache or in Oracle Content and Experience, an error page is returned.

Expired pages on public sites or new sites that are not yet cached are rendered once a day. If a page is already cached, it does not update the cache. When the prerender service is enabled, the prerendered cache is updated hourly for sites that have been updated and republished. If you are making changes to site pages and want to test how those changes affect optimization, you can update the prerendered cache manually in site properties.

  1. Click Sites in the side navigation.

  2. Select the site with the cache you want to update.

  3. Click Properties.

  4. Click Site SEO on the properties dialog.

  5. The date and time of the last cache refresh is listed. To update the cache, click Refresh Now. A progress bar displays the caching status.


If a page is set to be hidden from search engines in the site SEO settings, then that page is not prerendered or cached.

To enable the prerender service in Oracle Content and Experience:

  1. Click System in the Administration area of the side navigation.

  2. Select SEO for Sites in the system setting menu.

  3. Click Enabled.

  4. Define any additional user-agents required.

Table 11-1 Hardcoded User-agents in Oracle Content and Experience

User-agent User-agent User-agent User-agent
baiduspider facebookexternalhit twitterbot rogerbot
linkedinbot embedly quora link preview showyoubot
outbrain pinterest/0. developers.google.com/+/web/snippet slackbot
vkShare W3C_Validator redditbot Applebot
WhatsApp flipboard tumblr bitlybot
SkypeUriPreview nuzzel Discordbot Google Page Speed
Qwantify pinterestbot    

Table 11-2 Additional Preconfigured User-agents in the PrerenderUserAgents property of the config.cfg file

User-agent User-agent User-agent User-agent
AddSearchBot AdIdxBot AdsBot-Google AdsBot-Google-Mobile-Apps
AppEngine-Google Baidu-YunGuanCe Bingbot BingPreview
DuckDuckBot DuckDuckGo-Favicons-Bot endeca webcrawler Exabot
Facebot Feedfetcher-Google FeedValidator Fetch
FlipboardProxy Google Favicon Google Web Preview Google-Adwords-Instant
Googlebot Googlebot-Image Googlebot-Mobile Googlebot-News
Googlebot-Video Google-PhysicalWeb Google-Structured-Data-Testing-Tool HubSpot,ia_archiver
Mediapartners-Google MSNBot NetcraftSurveyAgent nutch
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search pinterest.com PIs-Google SEOkicks
seoscanners Siteimprove.com Slurp Sogou web spider
VSE/1.0 W3C_CSS_Validator W3C_I18n-Checker W3C_Unicorn
W3C-checklink W3C-mobileOK Y!J Yahoo Link Preview
Yahoo! Slurp Yandex YandexBot YunGuanCe