Export a Template

You can export a template to modify it offline and then import it either as a new template or to replace the existing template. You can also export a template to move it to another Oracle Content and Experience instance and import it there.

When you export a template, you essentially copy the template to a folder in Oracle Content and Experience as a single .zip file. You can download the template package directly from the folder to unpack and work with the individual files. When you are done working with the template files, create a .zip file that contains the template package and import it into Oracle Content and Experience to overwrite the original template or create a new one.


When you export a template, sharing information for the template isn’t included.

To export a template:

  1. On the Oracle Content and Experience home page, click Developer.
    The Developer page is displayed.
  2. Click Templates.
    A list of existing templates is displayed.
  3. Right-click a template and choose Export.
  4. Navigate to a folder or create new folder by clicking Create, providing a name and an optional description, and clicking Create.
    To open a folder, click the folder icon or the folder name.
  5. Select a folder by clicking the checkbox for the associated folder and click OK.
    A template package file is created in the selected folder with the template name and a .zip extension.