File Lists

You can use a file list to provide a view of files from a specified folder in your Oracle Content and Experience account.

If you use this component in conjunction with one or more folder list components on the page, the file list component can automatically display the contents of a folder selected in the folder list. You can also configure the component to perform one or more actions when a user clicks a file in the list. For example, you can preview the selected file in a separate browser window, or in a “lightbox” overlay, or even in a Documents Manager component on the page.

To add a file list component to a page:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit and make sure that Edit switch is set to Edit.
  2. Add a component group to the page.
  3. To edit the component and its appearance, click its menu icon Component Menu icon, and choose Settings.
  4. Choose Custom Settings to set the default details about the content that’s displayed.
  5. Click Select next to Folder Selection to change the folder to use for display. You must select a folder other than the document home page. Click Back when you are done.


    The file list grants all users downloader access. Users can view and download files regardless of their role. If a site visitor has privileges that are greater than those specified for the component, their individual privileges override those set on the component.
  6. Choose from the following to set additional defaults for the content that’s displayed.
    • Display options: Choose what details will be shown with the listed files.

      • Folder name header: show the folder name in the heading.

      • File description: show the file description, if one is given.

      • File separators: separate each file by a line.

      • Download icon: include a download icon so users can download the file if they want.

      • Last updated: show the date when the file was last updated.

      • File size: show the size of the file.

      • Image: show a thumbnail image of the contents of the file.

    • Triggers & Actions: Choose if you’d like to auto-refresh the file list with contents of the folder selected in a Folder List component. You can also choose to enable the File Selected trigger when a file is selected. Use the Link tab to associate actions with the File Selected trigger.

    • File Sorting: Choose how the items will be initially displayed, either alphabetically by name, or by when the items were last updated.

    • Show Files: Choose if all files will be displayed or if you want to limit the number of files using the slider bar.

  7. Use the General tab to modify spacing, alignment, and other presentation options.
  8. Use the Style tab to format the frame that contains the component with predefined styles or with your own custom choices.
  9. Use the Link tab to associate actions with the File Selected trigger. For example, to configure the file list component to preview a selected file in a lightbox overlay:
    1. Make sure you select Activate trigger when file is selected in the File List Settings window.
    2. In the Link tab of the file list settings, click the File Selected trigger.
    3. Click and drag the Lightbox Preview page action to the action list.
    4. In the File ID or URL field, choose File Link.
      File Link uses a reference link with downloader privileges so all site visitors can preview and optionally download the file. If you use File ID, a member link is used. A member link allows only registered users to preview and optionally download the selected file.
    When the user clicks on a file in the file list, the file preview opens over a dimmed and inactive version of the page.