Import a Template

You can export a template to modify it offline and then import it either as a new template or to replace the existing template. You can also export a template to move it to another Oracle Content Management instance and import it there.

When you export a template, you essentially copy the template to a folder in the Oracle Content Management as a single .zip file. You can download the template package directly from the folder to unpack and work with the individual files. When you are done working with the template files, create a .zip file that contains the template package and import it into Oracle Content Management and overwrite the original template or create a new one.

To import a template package:

  1. In the Oracle Content Management side navigation, click Developer
    The Developer page is displayed.
  2. Click View all Templates.
    A list of existing templates is displayed.
  3. Click Create and choose Import a template package.
  4. If you have uploaded the template package, navigate to the folder that contains the template package. To open a folder, click the folder icon or the folder name.
    If you have not yet uploaded the template package:
    1. Navigate to the folder where you want to upload the template package or create a folder by clicking New, providing a name and an optional description, and clicking Create.
    2. Click Upload.
    3. Locate and select the template package, then click Open.
      A progress bar shows the file name and the upload status.
  5. Select a template package by clicking the checkbox next to the file name and click OK.
    If there are no conflicts between the contents of the imported template and any existing templates, themes, or custom components, new Oracle Content Management folders are created for the template, its associated theme, and any custom components.
  6. If the template, theme, or custom component names or IDs exist, you are prompted to resolve the conflicts.
    Depending on the nature of the conflict, you are given the option to create a new template, theme, or custom component, or in some cases, you can overwrite the existing template, theme or custom component with the imported version.