My enterprise site shows a warning

If an enterprise site includes v1.0 content layouts, you'll see a warning in Site Builder and when viewing the site because the layouts won't be able to render. They need to be updated to v1.1 content layouts.

This situation can happen in one of two ways:

  • If you make an existing site translatable, the site will automatically be converted to an enterprise site by being assigned a default language and localization policy. If the site template includes v1.0 content layouts, the content layouts won't be able to render.
  • If you create an enterprise site from an older template that uses v1.0 content layouts, again, the content layouts won't be able to render.

To correct this issue, update the content layouts to v1.1 content layouts. You can create a new content layout in the component catalog to see the difference. You'll need to add a line to register the version of the content layout and change data.fieldname to fields.fieldname.