Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Oracle Intelligent Advisor (formerly Oracle Policy Automation) is used to implement online interview scenarios, such as feedback for troubleshooting or eligibility assessments for services. It delivers advice across channels by capturing rules in natural language Microsoft Word and Excel documents, then building interactive customer service experiences called interviews around those rules.

Before you can use the Intelligent Advisor feature, it must be configured and enabled. Your service administrator enables the feature for your service, including adding the host name, URL, user name, and password for the Intelligent Advisor Hub in use. The integration between the two services requires SSO sign-ons, so both services must be in the same identity domain. See Integrate with Intelligent Advisor in Integrating and Extending Oracle Content and Experience.

On the Intelligent Advisor side, interviews must be created and stored on the host site. In addition, your Oracle Content and Experience service must be authorized for use by the Intelligent Advisor host.

Once Intelligent Advisor is configured and enabled, you can add an Intelligent Advisor component to a page on your site.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit and make sure that Edit switch is set to Edit.

  2. Add the component to the page. The component appears in the Integration section of the Component list.

  3. To edit the component and its appearance, click its menu icon Component Menu icon, and choose Settings. You can adjust the label for the component, its appearance, size, and alignment. Use the Style tab to use the default style associated with the interview from the Intelligent Advisor host. For more advanced styling, edit or add style classes in the design.css files in the theme designs folder of the current site template. The style class prefix is scs-opainterview-.

After your site is published, your site visitors will see the interactive interview that is chosen in the Intelligent Advisor component. For more details about Intelligent Advisor , see the Intelligent Advisor Documentation Library.