Part V Developing for Sites with Other Tools

Oracle Content Management provides several ways to interact with applications and experiences developed either inside Oracle Content Management or outside of Oracle Content Management using other 3rd party tools.

Using Oracle Content Management Toolkit

The Oracle Content Management Toolkit and SDKs help you develop custom applications that consume content that is managed in the Oracle Content Management repository. These applications can be developed in Oracle Content Management or using 3rd party tools.

Content Toolkit can help you do the following tasks:

  • Set up your local development environment to use an Oracle Content Management instance for local development and testing of components, templates, themes, and content layouts

  • Create components, site templates, and content layouts from samples, run them in the test harness, explore them, and develop the components, templates, themes, and content layouts in a Developer Cloud Service environment

  • Import components and site templates that were created in Oracle Content Management into a Developer Cloud Service project and environment for source management and further development 

  • Export components, templates, and content layouts from a Developer Cloud Service environment for use in Oracle Content Management

  • Copy an existing component, template, or content layout

  • Write unit tests 

  • Optimize components 

  • Deploy your components and templates to Oracle Content Management

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Experience Orchestration

If you use tools other than Oracle Content Management to create experiences, you can connect Oracle Content Management repositories to these experiences so content creators can preview site changes as they work and automatic builds can be triggered when content changes or is published. This experience orchestration automates the workflow process between content providers and site developers to simplify experience management and publication.