About Templates

A template contains all the pieces that users need to start creating a website, including a site with sample pages and content, a theme with styling, navigation, assets such as images, and associated components.

Oracle Content and Experience provides a number of templates for use in creating sites. These templates are typically installed by your administrator when the service is initialized. See Configure Sites Settings in Administering Oracle Content and Experience.

Whenever you create a new site, you must select a template. Templates combine themes with sites and components to drive a function or solution, such as a partner portal or a marketing campaign.

For a list of out-of-the-box templates, see Understand Templates.

While both developers and users can create new templates and modify and replace existing templates, one of the main tasks for developers is to design new templates. This process basically consists of these steps.

  1. Create a new template by copying an existing template, such as the JET Starter Template. This also gets you the theme associated with the template.

    For example:

    cec create-template My_JET_Template -f JETStarterTemplate
  2. Export the template in a .zip file to your development environment.

  3. Open the files in the template package and make your changes.

  4. Create a revised template package in a .zip file.

  5. Use the Oracle Content and Experience interface to import the new template to your instance.

  6. Share the template so others can use it.

An alternative is to use the Oracle Content and Experience interface to modify the template by adding and modifying page layouts and assets, expand the site structure, add components to site pages, and add seed content you want to appear in any sites that use the theme in this template.

See also Manage Templates.