Content Connector Configuration and Registration

Once you have built your content connector, you need to register it in Oracle Content and Experience. You can register a content connector through the Oracle Content and Experience administration interface.

The minimum properties you are required to add to a content connector follow:

  • Content connector name

  • Content connector service URL

  • User name and password, if the preceding URL access requires it

  • Whether or not to accept a self-signed certificate

Once a content connector gets registered successfully and the content connector service URL is reachable, the Oracle Content and Experience server will call a server service on the content connector to get the custom properties and show those in the administration UI. An administrator or developer can add values for those properties (for example, clientid and clientsecret for OAuth flows or the user name and password for a Basic authorization central account). Clicking Save saves all these properties with the connector framework. After you enable it, the content connector becomes available in the Add menu item of the Oracle Content and Experience UI Assets page.

See Create and Configure a Custom Content Connector in Administering Oracle Content and Experience and Register the Content Connector, which describes how to register and configure a Pexel content connector.