18 Develop Content Connectors

Oracle Content and Experience provides a connector framework for developers to develop their custom content connectors. The connector framework is extensible, and a developer or partner can build a content connector on top of any content repository.

Oracle Content and Experience has prebuilt content connectors for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. It also provides a WebCenter Content connector out of the box.

A custom content connector needs to implement the following artifacts:

  • REST interfaces for defining configuration, authorization, and fetching content.

  • A Content Picker UI.

    You can choose from the common UI or implement a custom UI that follows predefined interfaces.

  • REST interfaces for browsing a file system and for search (required only for using the common UI).

Oracle Content and Experience provides a reference implementation, the Pexels Connector, which uses a custom UI. The same content connector, with a few tweaks, can be converted to use the common UI provided by Oracle Content and Experience.

The following topics describe how to develop custom content connectors for Oracle Content and Experience to import content and assets from third-party content repositories: