Do a One-Time Gradle Setup

Set up your local development environment to use an Oracle Content and Experience instance for local testing of components that require services like Process Cloud Service.

From your local machine, set up gradle properties so you can test the components that depend on the Oracle Content and Experience server with the local test harness; for example, Sample-File-List. This configuration is also used to deploy components to Oracle Content and Experience.

This gradle setup is required only for using Oracle Content and Experience dependent components, like File List, Folder List, Document Manager, Process Cloud Service components, and VBCS components, or for deploying components or templates directly to Oracle Content and Experience.


You need to have Git installed on your local machine before you do the gradle setup.

To do a gradle setup:

  1. Enter cd cec-components in a terminal window.

  2. Enter mkdir ~/.gradle


    In Windows, replace ~ with your home directory.
  3. Enter cp ~/.gradle

  4. Edit ~/.gradle/ to configure an Oracle Content and Experienced instance and a proxy service:

    • cec_url=https://<documents-hostname>:443

    • cec_username=your.username

    • cec_password=your.password

    • systemProp.http.proxyHost=<your_proxy_host>

    • systemProp.http.proxyPort=<your_proxy_port>

    • systemProp.https.proxyHost=<your_proxy_host>

    • systemProp.https.proxyPort=<your_proxy_port>

  5. To test Sample-Process-Start-Form, Sample-Process-Task-List, and Sample-Process-TaskDetails, Configure PCS integration on the Oracle Content and Experience server. See Oracle Process Cloud Service integration.

  6. To test Sample-Documents-Manager locally, enable embedded content on the Oracle Content and Experience server:

    1. On the Administration menu, choose Security.

    2. Under Embedded Content , click Enabled.

    3. Enter localhost* in the Allowed domains field.