Visual Builder Cloud Service Apps

You can develop apps with Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS), a hosted environment that provides an open-source, standards-based solution to develop, collaborate on, and deploy applications within Oracle Cloud.

A service administrator who has the enterprise user role can configure a connection to VBCS on the Integrations page in the Oracle Oracle Content and Experience administration user interface.


Integration between these services requires single sign-on (SSO), so both services must be in the same identity domain.

Before using VBCS, do the following setup:

  • Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on the VBCS site. See Allow Other Domains Access to Services in Administering Oracle Visual Builder.

  • Create your apps in VBCS and make them available for embedding.

  • Configure the apps for use with Oracle Content and Experience.

See Integrate with Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service in Administering Oracle Content and Experience.

You can create a VBCS component for a VBCS app that is configured to allow anonymous access or for a VBCS app that requires visitors to sign in. If a VBCS app allows anonymous access, customers can use the related component on both public and secure sites; for example, to display a public form or public data.

If a VBCS app requires a visitor to sign in, customers can use the related component on secure sites, provided Oracle Oracle Content and Experience and VBCS are provisioned on the same identity domain and configured for SSO.

Add a VBCS App As a Remote Component

After the VBCS connection is configured, an administrator can enable it in Oracle Content and Experience. If VBCS integration is enabled, an enterprise user can select an existing VBCS app directly from the Oracle Content and Experience Components catalog and then add it as a remote component:

  1. In the Components catalog, register the new VBCS component.

  2. In the Register VBCS Component dialog, enter a name and description (optional).

  3. Select the VBCS app for a new component.

  4. Click Select Application.

  5. Select your app from the list of available VBCS apps.

  6. Click Create.

  7. In the Components catalog, filter the list of components to show VBCS components.

Migrate a Site That Contains a VBCS Component

To migrate a site that contains a VBCS component to another environment, you need to export the VBCS app and site template to the new environment:

  1. Export the related VBCS app and then upload the export (zip) file into the template’s assets folder together with help documentation.

  2. Export the site template and then install it in the target environment.

  3. Download the VBCS export file, import the app, configure the app as required, and then make it live on the new VBCS tenant.

  4. In Oracle Content and Experience, as an administrator, confirm that the VBCS connection is configured. If not, configure a new connection.