Build a Blog in JavaScript with Headless Oracle Content and Experience

Nowadays It is easy to build complex websites using the latest JavaScript frameworks, like Angular, React, and Vue.js. However, using a those frameworks is not mandatory, and we can also build websites with pure JavaScript.

Adding to that, if we combine the power of a content management system (CMS) with pure JavaScript websites, the output is pretty competitive. Fortunately, Oracle Content and Experience, with its rich headless CMS capabilities, has a graceful solution.

In this tutorial we’ll build a simple blog in JavaScript by leveraging Oracle Content and Experience as a headless CMS, as well as its software development kit (SDK) for content delivery in JavaScript. This JavaScript sample is available on GitHub.

The tutorial consists of three steps:

  1. Get Started with Oracle Content and Experience
  2. Get Started with JavaScript
  3. Prepare Your Application for Deployment