Assign Asset Categories

If a taxonomy has been associated with the repository used to manage the assets you're viewing, you can view, assign, and remove asset categories to organize your assets.


Categories are available only in Oracle Content Management, not Oracle Content Management-Classic.

To view and manage categories for an asset:

  1. Right-click or select one or more assets, choose Categories in the right-click menu or the Sidebar menu, or click the additional properties pane, then, in the drop-down menu, select Categories.

    You see the categories assigned to the selected assets. The taxonomy abbreviation precedes the category name.

  2. Add or remove categories as necessary.
    • To add a category, click Add Category. If more than one taxonomy is assigned to the repository, you can change the taxonomy selection in the drop-down list. The taxonomy listed will default to the last one you used until you log out. You can search for categories or expand the taxonomy nodes to find the category or categories in the taxonomy you want to add, make your selections, and click Add. You can add more than one category to the selected assets at a time within each taxonomy. If you want to add categories from multiple taxonomies, you must finish adding the categories from one taxonomy first before selecting categories from another.
    • To remove a category, hover over the category, and then click Delete icon.
    • If you selected more than one asset and one of the assets is assigned to a category you want to assign to all the selected assets, hover over the category, and then click Assign to All icon.

    If you don't see the categories you want to assign to the asset, talk to your repository administrator to make sure the appropriate taxonomy is assigned to the repository in which this asset is stored.

    If you add or remove a category, an icon ( Recategorize icon ) is displayed with the asset to show that it has been recategorized. You must publish the asset for the category changes to appear in publishing channels. Once you publish the asset, the icon is removed and returns only if the asset is recategorized again. Enable the Recategorized filter to see a list of all assets that have been recategorized to quickly determine which assets should be republished.