Compare Content Item Versions

If a content item has been edited and has more than one version in an asset repository, you can open the content item and easily compare differences between versions.

  1. Click Assets in the side menu to open the assets page.

  2. Select an asset with more than one version and click Open.

  3. Click Compare Versions. This option is available only if the content item has more than one version.

  4. Select the target version from the menu to compare to the source version. The source version is the opened version, typically the most recent version.

  5. Click Compare Versions.

The two versions of the content item are displayed next to each other with change indicators between them and the changed areas highlighted.

Content item version comparison

If your browser is not wide enough to display the comparisons next to each other, the versions will stack, with changed areas one above the other and change indicators on the right.

Click Compare Versions to close the comparison and display the opened source version.

If you want to use a previous version as the source version, you can open it from the Activities tab of the Properties panel.

  1. Click the additional properties pane select the Properties pane and then click the Activities tab.

  2. Click the version number you want to use as the source version to open it and compare it with the target you choose.