Content Items

Content items are pieces of structured content that are treated as assets and managed in a repository. This kind of content exists separately from any file or layout. Content items are essentially individual instances of a content type, which defines what this structured content consists of. Say you have an content type called 'Article' consisting of a title, a body, an author, and a picture. Each article is captured in a content item, which consists of a specific combination of title, body, author, and picture. Each of these elements may exist in Oracle Content and Experience as an asset of its own, but the article as a whole will also be managed as a separate asset. The elements of the content item can all be used wherever they’re needed, either as one cohesive group or separately in different layouts and formats.

Content Item page

Content items follow the channel policies and localization policies that are set for the repository where they're stored, and they go through the same publishing process as other digital assets. A content item can be translated into multiple languages as necessary, and each version of the item can go through a separate workflow. This means that you can manage a French version, for example, separately from the Spanish or the English version. The English version may be published and in use while the French version is out for review and the Spanish version is still in draft form.

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