Convert a Standard Video to Video Plus

Video Plus assets provide a rich video management and delivery experience, including all the standard video features plus advanced capabilities for optimized streaming, video editing, automatic transcoding and conversion, and more responsive playback options.

If Video Plus is enabled, existing standard videos are not automatically converted to Video Plus assets. You can convert standard video assets to Video Plus assets, though, either from the assets page or when viewing a standard video.

  1. Click Assets in the side menu to open the assets page.

  2. Select the standard video or videos you want to convert.

  3. Click Convert in the page menu.


    If you select a video that has been published, or an asset that is not a video asset, such as an image or document, then Convert will not be an option.

Videos converted to Video Plus stay at the same revision number as the original standard video version.

If a Video Plus asset is not published and has a previous revision that is still a standard video, selecting the standard video revision to make it current results in a newly created revision that is converted to Video Plus.

You can also convert a standard video asset when viewing it.

  1. Select a standard video asset on the Assets page and click Open. The standard video asset is displayed.

  2. Click Convert in the banner menu.