Edit an Image

You can crop, rotate, or flip an image, or change the format, background color, or image quality. Then you can save the new image as a new rendition or a completely new asset.

If there is more than one version of an image, when viewing the image, you can switch between the latest draft version and the last published version using the drop-down menu next to the image name. To edit a published image, you'll need to save it as a new revision or as a new asset. If you already have a draft and you’re working in Site Builder, the draft will automatically open in the editor; if you’re viewing the asset from the Assets page, you'll need to switch to the draft before you can edit the image.

To edit an image:

  1. Open the image from the Assets page, and then click Edit, or in Site Builder, click the menu icon Component Menu icon in the component you want to edit, choose Settings, and then click Edit icon. If you're in Site Builder editing a component that allows multiple images (like a gallery), you need to click Images, then click the image you want to edit to see the edit icon (Edit icon).
  2. Edit the image with any of the following actions:
    • To crop the image, click Crop icon Crop. Select one of the predefined image ratios in the cropping toolbar, or drag the cropping handles on the image as desired. When you're satisfied, in the cropping toolbar, click Crop.
    • To rotate or flip the image, click Rotate icon Rotate. In the rotation toolbar, enter a custom rotation degree, use the buttons to rotate the image left or right, or select whether to flip the image horizontally or vertically.
    • To add a watermark to the image, click Watermark icon Watermark. Add text to the image, changing the text size, style, color, and opacity as desired with the watermark tools.
    • To change the image format, click Options icon Options, then select a new format from the Format drop-down list.
    • To change the background color, click Options icon Options, then select an option from the Background Color drop-down menu.
    • If you're editing a .jpg or a .webp (available on Google Chrome browsers), you can change the image quality to create a smaller file size. Click Options icon Options, then enter the new percentage in the Quality box.
    • To undo or redo your change, click Undo icon or Redo icon. To remove all changes you made, click Reset.
    • To change the magnification of the image, use the zoom controls (Zoom control).
  3. To save your changes, click Save, then select whether you want to save as a new rendition (asset repositories only) or as an entirely new asset, or, if you're editing a custom rendition, you can also save and replace the image.