Manage Asset Publishing Jobs

When you schedule assets for publishing, a publishing job is created. You can then view the publishing schedule, and edit or cancel pending jobs.


You can't publish assets in a business repository.
To see the publishing schedule, on the Assets page, click More menu in the banner menu, then select Publishing Jobs. The Publishing Jobs page shows a calendar of all publishing jobs and their status:
  • Scheduled job icon (Scheduled) - The one-time publishing job hasn't started yet.
  • Recurring job icon (Recurring) - The recurring publishing job hasn't started yet.
  • In progress job icon (In Progress) - The publishing job is in progress.
  • Completed job icon (Completed) - The publishing job completed successfully.
  • Canceled job icon (Canceled) - The publishing job was canceled.
  • Failed job icon (Failed) - The publishing job failed. You should have seen a failure message above the banner about why the job failed, but you can also see it by clicking the job. Correct the problem, then reschedule the job.

You can perform the following tasks:

Task Description
View job details To view a publishing job, click it, then click Open. The details include the job name and description; the scheduled publishing date and time; if it's a recurring job, the frequency and end date; when the job was last updated and who updated it; and the validation details.

To view an asset in a slide-out panel without leaving the job details page, click Preview icon next to the asset.

Additional information is included in the job properties. If the properties aren't already displayed, click View Properties or the additional properties pane. The properties enable you to edit the job name and description; for recurring jobs, this affects the whole series. The properties also include when the job was created and who created it; when the job was last updated and who updated it; when the job will start; the end date for recurring jobs; and the frequency for recurring jobs.

Add managers to a job To add users you want to be able to manage the job, click Open, then click Add Managers. If you add managers to a recurring job, they will be added to all instances of the job
Update the assets to the latest versions If any of the assets included in the job have newer versions, you can update the job to include the latest versions by clicking Update Versions. You can see each asset's version number in the list of included assets.
Edit a pending job (including adding assets) To edit a pending publishing job, click it, click Open, then click Edit Job. For one-time jobs, you can change the job name and add or remove assets. For recurring jobs, you can change the description for this instance of the job or add or remove assets. To change the name or description of the whole job series, view the job properties.


When the publishing job finishes, Oracle Content Management will send an email to all of the job's managers with the status of the job.
Cancel a scheduled job To cancel a job, click it, then click Cancel Job. If it's a recurring job, you can cancel all recurrences or just the one you opened.
Copy a completed job Top copy a completed job, click it, click Open, then click Copy.
Filter or search for the jobs shown in the calendar If necessary, click Filter iconto show the filter pane. Search for a job name or description, then click a result to see the job in the calendar. Filter the jobs by job status, hide weekends, or show only jobs you've scheduled.
Change the calendar view Change the view of the calendar to day, week, or month, using the buttons at the top right of the calendar.
Jump to a particular date Jump to a particular date by clicking a day in the date picker in the filter pane.
Create an empty recurring job You might want to create an empty recurring job. For example, maybe you want a job that runs every Monday to publish new content your contributors have produced. You could create an empty job and add your contributors as managers of the job, so they can add their content.

To create an empty recurring job, click Schedule Job.

You can view the history of all publishing jobs on the Publishing Event Logs page.