Manage Image Renditions

You can upload custom renditions of your images to suit the channel they’re published to (mobile, tablet, web, etc.).

When you add an image to a repository, large, medium, small, and thumbnail renditions of the image are automatically generated by Oracle Content and Experience. You can use these renditions or create your own to suit your needs.


Images aren't upsized, only downsized, to create the automatically generated renditions. For example, if you add an image that is 100px by 100px, which is smaller than the defined thumbnail, all the automatically generated renditions will be 100px by 100px.

To view and manage renditions for an image, open the image, click the additional properties pane, then, in the drop-down menu, select Renditions.

  • To view a rendition, select it.
  • To download a rendition, select it and click the Rendition Menu then select Download.
  • To upload a new version of the original image, select the original image and click the Rendition Menu then select Upload New Version.
  • To add a new rendition, Click Add Rendition. To add a rendition, the asset must be unpublished. When you add a rendition, you can edit its name to specify the purpose of the rendition.
  • To copy the URL of a specific rendition, the asset must be published. Select a rendition and click the Rendition Menu , select Copy URL, then click the Open in New Tab Icon to open the rendition in a new tab, or the Copy to Clipboard Icon to copy the URL to the clipboard.