27 Manage Repositories

Repositories are a way for you to manage digital assets and content items in a group. All the content needed for a campaign, for example, could be stored in one repository. You must be a repository administrator to create and share asset repositories.

There are two types of repositories: business repositories and asset repositories. Business repositories store assets. Asset repositories store assets, but also allow you to publish and localize assets. Assets stored in business repositories are billed at 1/100th the amount of assets stored in asset repositories.


Although you can't add translations for assets in business repositories, you can mark an asset as being in a particular language.

After creating a repository, it must be shared with other people in order for it to be used.

By default the Repositories page shows all repositories, sorted by name. Use the drop-down menus on the right to filter by repository type and to change the sort order. You can also use the search box to find a repository by name.


If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you're limited to only one asset repository. Business repositories aren't supported. To increase the number of repositories and take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.

You can manage repositories in the following ways: