23 Manage Taxonomies

A taxonomy is a hierarchy of categories, mapped to your business structure, used to organize your assets and to help users find assets by drilling down into the area they're working on. You must be a content administrator to create and manage taxonomies.


  • If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you're limited to only one taxonomy. To increase the number of taxonomies and take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.
  • Taxonomies are available only in Oracle Content Management, not Oracle Content Management-Classic.

You can assign a taxonomy to more than one repository, and you can assign multiple taxonomies to a repository. For example, you could create different taxonomies for each department and for each product or initiative in your business. Then you could apply "Marketing Department" and "Products" taxonomies to your Marketing repository, and apply "Sales Department" and Products" taxonomies to your Sales repository.

When you create a taxonomy, it starts as a draft. When the taxonomy is finalized, you must promote it and associate it with at least one repository in order for it to be used. Managers of the associated repositories will be notified by email that the taxonomy is ready. Then asset users can organize content into the categories. When you're ready to make the asset categorization information available publicly for your published sites and assets, you can publish the taxonomy.

As your business changes, you can update your taxonomies by creating a new draft version. Changes you make in the draft won't affect the repository organization. When the updated structure is approved, you can promote the new taxonomy version for use in your organization, and assets will be recategorized accordingly. Then you can publish the new version of the taxonomy when you're ready to make the category updates public.

By default the Taxonomies page shows all taxonomies, both draft and promoted, sorted by name. Use the drop-down menus on the right to filter by taxonomy status and to change the sort order. You can also use the search box to find a taxonomy by name.

You must have repository administrator privileges to create a taxonomy.

You can manage taxonomies in the following ways: