Publish Assets from the Assets Page

You can publish a content item directly from the editor or from the Assets page.

To publish an asset from the Assets page:

  1. On the Assets page, right-click or select the assets you want to publish.
  2. Choose Publish Now or Publish Later from the right-click menu or the Publish menu. If the asset is already scheduled for publishing, you won't see the Publish Now option.
  3. If you selected Publish Later:
    1. Enter a name for the publishing job so you can easily find it on the publishing calendar.
    2. Optionally, enter a description to help understand what this job is used for.
    3. Select when you want to publish.
    4. If you want to publish content on a recurring basis, choose the frequency in the Recurrence drop-down list. If you choose Custom, you'll see additional options (for example, you can set the job to run every two weeks on Tuesdays). You can also select an end date. Note that the recurrence schedule can't be changed after the job is created.

    The selected assets are added only to the first instance of the recurring job; other instances of the recurring job will be empty and you'll need to add assets to them.

  4. If you've locked any assets, you can automatically unlock them by selecting Unlock assets locked by you automatically after publishing. If you don't want to unlock assets after publishing, make sure to clear this option.
  5. If necessary, select a publishing channel. Assets can be pretargeted to a particular channel, making it easy for you to publish them using that channel, or you can select an alternative channel to use for the asset.

    If you need to select a different channel click Selected, select one or more channels.

    The channel selection can't be changed after the job is created. If you select Targeted, channels will be targeted based on the assets in the job.

  6. Click Validate.

    Oracle Content Management compares the assets to the approval and localization policies of the channel. The validation results list the status of the selected assets, any associated translations, and any dependent assets, showing whether the assets adhere to the approval and localization policies that were set for the channel. You can filter the results by channel or by status.

    To view an asset in a slide-out panel without leaving the Validation Results page, click Preview icon next to the asset.

    If another version of the asset is already scheduled for publishing, you must schedule publishing for a date later than the previously scheduled publishing or you'll receive an error.

  7. To remove an asset from publishing, click the X next to the asset.
  8. When all assets show a status of "Ready", click Publish (if you selected to publish now) or Schedule (if you selected to publish later).

If you scheduled your assets to publish later, the asset versions are reserved for publishing, allowing you to work on new versions as necessary. You can view the calendar of publishing jobs on the Publishing Jobs page.

You can view the history of all publishing jobs on the Publishing Event Logs page.