Publishing Channels

A publishing channel is a specific context in which an asset in a repository can be used. It determines the release rules that are applied to the item. A channel can be applied to one or more asset repositories and one repository may use multiple channels. Specific assets in a repository can use different channels, letting you fine-tune the policies to be applied in individual cases. When you create a website in Oracle Content and Experience, a publishing channel is created automatically using the site name as the channel name. You can also define publishing channels for other contexts.

If you have the appropriate privileges, you can define publishing channels in the Oracle Content and Experience web interface under Administration > Content.

Publication Channel page

Once an item in an asset repository is published, it's available to the publishing channel(s) associated with it. When an asset is set to be published, it’s evaluated against the policies that were defined for the targeted channel, for example the localization policies. If the asset doesn't meet the policy criteria, then it can’t be published. This ensures that only those assets are published that have been validated against the policies that were created.

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