Review and Add Languages to a Content Item

Publishing channels may require content items to be in specific languages. By default, the master version of a content item is displayed on the Assets page. For additional options, select or right-click the content item, and click Languages to open a slide-out panel listing all the current language assets for a content item and their status. By default, existing languages for the content item are displayed. You can filter the displayed languages to show available languages for the repository, the required languages of all targeted channels, or the languages required for each individual publishing channel.

Selecting a language asset enables a banner menu with various options. See Work With Language Assets.

Follow these steps to add a language to a content item:

  1. Select the content item and click Languages.

  2. Click Add Language in the banner menu, or filter the displayed languages to display repository or channel languages and click one of the available languages.

  3. Follow the same procedure you followed to create a new content item, using the appropriate language for all fields:
    • Enter the name for the translated item.

    • Enter an optional description.


      There may be some data fields designated as Inherit from master. These fields are prepopulated from the master content item and cannot be edited or translated. They are specified when the content type is created.
    • Choose the language from the available languages. The languages shown are those that are allowed in the repository and haven't yet been used for the item.

    • Enter the translated language version of the content item. Click Compare to select another language and copy the text for use in this new translated version. Controls appear under each field in the content item. Click Show under the content item field. The content of the field in the chosen language is displayed. Click Copy to use the text from the other language as the text for the original field.

    • Click Save when done.

  4. Once an item has been translated, before it can be submitted for review or published, you must change the status to translated. Select the master content item and click Languages in the banner menu to expand the item and list the item translations. Select the translated item and click Set As Translated in the banner menu. You can now submit the translated item for review.