Tag Assets

Tagging is done by adding keywords that let you find the item quickly.

If your repository administrator enabled smart content on the repository, images are automatically tagged based on the content and colors in the image, but you can also manually add tags to any kind of asset.

You can add tags to an asset when you create or upload it or edit the tags at a later time. You can search for items by using a tag as a search term, helping you find files quickly.

Here are things to consider when you’re tagging assets:

  • Add as many tags you think you’ll need. Tags can describe the item, the place, the year, the subject matter or whatever you need to identify the object. You decide what tags you need.
  • When adding tags, press Enter after each tag.
  • Tags aren’t case-sensitive. “Lake” is the same as “lake” when you’re tagging.
  • You can use special characters, such as asterisk (*) and parentheses (), but avoid doing so. It can make searching for the tagged object difficult.


If you know you want to add more tags to ones that are already done, open your assets and type the tag in the keyword box. Click Find. The assets with that existing tag are shown. You can select them all and add a new tag using the instructions detailed here.

Add Tags to Existing Items

You can add or edit tags to existing assets.

  1. Find the assets you want to edit.
  2. Right-click or select the assets you want to tag, and choose Tags and Collections in the right-click menu or the Sidebar menu.
  3. Edit the current tags or add additional tags.

    If you selected multiple assets and some of the assets already have tags assigned to them, you can click the tag, and then click Assign to All to assign the tag to all selected assets.

You can also tag items while creating the item.