Use Recommendations for Personalization

Recommendations are a way to provide personalized experiences for website visitors by showing assets based on location or areas of interest.

Personalized experiences are done by defining a set of rules that find assets matching audience attributes such as the IP address of a site visitor. For example, site visitors with European IP addresses may first see event announcements for Europe on the site home page, while site visitors from North America will see events in the U.S. and Canada. Like digital assets, recommendations are associated with a repository and can be edited and moved through a workflow for review and publishing by anyone who is a content contributor to the repository. However, even if you don't have contributor rights, you can still view and test recommendations to see how they work before using them in a site or headless experience.

Recommendation List

The rules defined in a recommendation are associated with a specific content type using audience attributes. Attributes can be unique to a session, such as location information based on the IP address of a site visitor, unique to a system, such as the current date, or other custom attributes defined by an administrator, such as what product interests a site visitor.


You must be a site administrator to define audience attributes.

When used in a site, a recommendation selects and displays assets available in a repository that satisfy all the rules defined in the recommendation, helping you easily provide a personalized experience to the site visitor.