Use Workflows in the Extension

If workflows have been assigned to the repository you're viewing, you can view the workflows in the extension. To open the workflows panel, right-click the asset or click Menu icon, and select Workflows. The workflow panel has tabs representing possible workflow states:

  • Submit (displayed if an asset has no workflows in progress)—Select a workflow from the list of available ones in the selection box and click Submit for Review to initiate a workflow.
  • In Progress (replaces the Submit tab once a workflow is initiated for an asset)—A list of steps is displayed showing the progress of the asset through the workflow. Completed steps identify the person and date when an action was taken. If you have a responsibility for a step, the actions you can take are available in a selection box. You must confirm the action when selected and can add an optional comment. When the action is finished the next step, if there is one, is added to the list. If the workflow has several completed actions, they may be grouped under an expandable heading labeled Audit Trail.
  • Completed (always displayed)—Displays a list of completed workflows for the asset if there are any, and the date each workflow was completed. Completed workflows can include both approved and rejected workflows. Each completed workflow can be expanded to see a detailed list of the actions in the workflow.