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Video asset management and delivery in today's visual world are more and more important. Your audiences expect rich online experiences in websites and other contexts, and videos play a large part in that.

Oracle Content Management serves as a central hub for all your digital assets, including videos. It provides two options for managing and using video assets:
  • Standard video, available out of the box, which provides the same management and delivery capabilities as for any other assets, providing tagging, categorization, review, workflows, conversation, basic playback, and so on.
  • Video Plus, which provides a rich video management and delivery experience, including all the standard features plus advanced capabilities for optimized streaming, automatic transcoding and conversion, and more responsive playback options.


If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, Video Plus isn't supported. To take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.

Video Plus is an optional feature for Oracle Content Management that must be enabled for your instance by your service administrator. Once that’s done, repository managers can configure each new or existing asset repository to take advantage of the Video Plus capabilities. Any new videos uploaded to the repository will then be managed as Video Plus assets. Please note that all videos already in an existing asset repository will remain standard videos even after enabling Video Plus for that repository. Any new uploaded videos will be Video Plus assets.

Video Plus and standard video side by side in Assets view


Video Plus is an added service with an associated cost. Costs are billed monthly based on the number of video assets in your system. Existing costs for outbound traffic and for storage are unchanged and apply to videos like any other asset. Costs are prorated. For details on pricing, billing, and relevant discounts, check with your sales representative and see the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Services section of Oracle PaaS and IaaS Universal Credits Service Descriptions.

Standard Video Features

While standard video assets can be used on a site, there are limitations in how they're delivered. For example, standard video assets rely on the web browser for playback. As such, it's recommended that a standard video be in MP4 format, because that's common to all supported browsers. Since different devices save video in different formats, this means you may need to manually convert your video asset before uploading it to Oracle Content Management.

Also, because you're relying on the web browser for delivery, video controls are often limited to simple functionality like play, pause, and volume. Additionally, a standard video asset must be downloaded in its entirety before it begins to play, which may cause a lag in delivery if the video file is large or there are any network buffering issues.

Video Plus Features

Video Plus assets are streamed using adaptive bitrate streaming, which means that playback begins right away without waiting for the full video to download. The stream adapts to your network conditions even while they change, to optimize the stream so your audience will have a good experience viewing the video, regardless of what device, web browser, or network they use.

With Video Plus you can upload videos of any format, and Oracle Content Management makes sure that they are transcoded and converted to the right formats for optimal delivery. Hover over a Video Plus video to see an animated preview of the video, and take advantage of additional playback features such as specifying video quality and varying the playback speed from half speed to double speed. Plus, you can easily skip ahead or go back in a video, or drop anywhere onto the video timeline with a click without waiting for the video to reload.

Video Plus Player

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the standard video and Video Plus features offered by Oracle Content Management:

Feature Standard Video Video Plus
Asset tagging Checkmark Checkmark
Workflow review Checkmark Checkmark
Conversations Checkmark Checkmark
Automatic thumbnail in grid view   Checkmark
Animated preview   Checkmark
Automatic format conversion   Checkmark
Adaptive streaming   Checkmark
Video Editing   Checkmark
Immediate playback   Checkmark
Automatic resizing to fit page   Checkmark
Quick navigation within videos   Checkmark
Variable playback speed   Checkmark
Adjustable video quality   Checkmark