View Asset Publishing Event Logs

You can view the history and details of all past asset publishing jobs.


Business repositories don't have published assets.

To see the publishing event logs, on the Assets page, click More menu in the banner menu, then select Publishing Event Logs.

To filter the list by job type, select an option in the first drop-down list. You can view all, completed, failed, publish now, publish later, and publish HTML jobs.

By default, you see 50 jobs per page. To change this, select a new value in the second drop-down list.

The following information is available for each publishing job:

Task Description
Name The name of the publishing job. Non-scheduled jobs are named "Publishing Job" followed by the date of the job.

An icon representing the type of job appears before the name:

  • Publish now job icon Publish now job
  • Scheduled job icon Scheduled job
  • Rendition job icon Rendition (publish HTML) job
  • Published status icon (Published) - The publishing job completed successfully.
  • Failed job icon (Failed) - The publishing job failed.
Published The date and time of the publishing job.
Published By The user who initiated the publishing job.
Publish Log Click Download icon to download a JSON log of the publishing job.
Rendition Log Click Download icon to download a JSON log of the renditions (published HTML) created by the publishing job.

To view additional information about a job, select it, and then click the additional properties pane. The Properties pane shows information such as the job description and publishing channel.