View Properties for a Business Asset

To view the asset's properties, right-click or select the asset and choose Properties from the right-click menu or the Sidebar menu; or select or open an asset, click the additional properties pane, then, in the drop-down menu, choose Properties. The properties include read-only information such as when the item was created and last updated.

Property information is divided into tabs:

  • General – includes general information about the asset such as name, description, asset type, version, size, and language. It shows the asset URL, which you can copy by clicking Copy icon. It also shows when the asset was created and updated, and whether the asset is locked.

    If an image asset was created with a camera, whether that's an actual camera or a device like a phone, laptop, or webcam, you'll also see camera data (expand to view). The device embeds this data in the image file. It includes information such as the type of device, who took the picture, the time and date it was taken, where it was taken (GPS location), and camera information such as shutter speed, aperture, and lens information. This information can help you understand how the image was captured and, if you need to retake the picture, how to recreate or improve the image.

  • Activitydetails specific activities such as review status changes, revision history, and other activities.
  • API – displays the asset ID and management URL. To copy an ID or URL to the clipboard, click Copy icon next to it. To view the associated JSON data for the asset, click View JSON icon next to the management URL.