Create or Delete a Group

Groups let you quickly share content and collaborate with several other people at one time.

Groups are managed using your web browser interface. You can use groups on your mobile device and with the desktop app (add them as members to folders and conversations and so on) but you can’t create, delete, join, or leave groups using a mobile device.

Create a Group

  1. Click your user picture to open the user menu and then click Groups. Choose Find Public Groups from the menu at the top of the Group page. If you don’t find a group you can use, select Create Group.
  2. Create a meaningful name for the group. Don’t use abbreviations or acronyms that might be confusing. Use a name that will tell people the purpose of your group.
  3. Choose the privacy settings you want to use.
    • Select who can find the group. If you select Anyone, then users will be able to see the group in the list of public groups. If you select Members, only users who are already members will know this group exists.
    • If you selected that anyone can find the group, you can select whether users can add themselves to the group.

    For examples of how to use these settings to create the right type of group for your situation, see Groups Overview.

  4. Click Done when finished.
  5. Add members as needed. Click Add Members and search for people to add. Select the role you want the person to have then click Add.

To edit your group’s settings, click More icon next to the group name or in the group's toolbar. You’ll see options to edit the group, add members, or delete the group.

Delete a Group

To delete a group, click More icon next to the group name or in the group's toolbar, and select Delete.

Know that if you shared a folder, a content type, or a conversation with the group you deleted, the shared object is now unavailable to the group members. If you shared something with an individual who was also in a deleted group, that individual will still have access to the object.