Desktop App Overview

The Oracle Content and Experience desktop app keeps files and folders on your computer synchronized with your files and folders in the cloud. Your current files will always be available and if you use more than one computer, you can sync your files to all of them.

It's easy to do. Just install the client software. You set up an account and the software will set up a folder for you on your desktop, with the name you give the folder. You can choose the folders in the cloud that you want to sync, and they’re put into that desktop folder to be synced whenever the app starts. This includes your content folders as well as your digital assets.

You can automatically sync all the folders you own (the default selection when you first install the app) or you can choose folders to sync, including those shared with you. If you choose to sync all your folders, it may take some time for the sync process to finish depending on how many folders you have.

You can also directly add files and folders into your desktop folder and they’ll be added to your cloud account. The files are available to use in your browser or a mobile device. All your information stays up-to-date while the sync client is running.

If your company has several Oracle Content and Experience accounts, you may be a member of more than one service. If you are, then you can add up to five accounts to your desktop app.

You can also set notifications, letting you know when the conversations you’re active in are changed. You can customize what notifications you’ll receive so you can follow only those conversations that are important to you. You can also share your files and folders, just like you do when you use a web browser.