Disable the Desktop Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

The ability to share links to items managed by Oracle Content Management via email or appointment in Microsoft Outlook is now enabled and configured by a service administrator. Previously, however, you installed this ability in Microsoft Outlook when you downloaded and installed the Oracle Content Management Desktop app. To avoid confusion when using the new feature enabled by your service administrator, it is best to disable the previously installed Desktop add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Disabling the add-in is easy.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Click File and select Options.

  3. Select Add-ins in the left navigation and click Go next to Manage COM Add-ins.

  4. Locate Oracle Content Add-in for Outlook in the list of available add-ins. You may need to scroll to find it.

  5. Uncheck the box to disable it and click OK.

COM Add-in dialog


If you have administrator rights to your computer, you can remove the add-in completely by selecting it and clicking Remove.