Install and Configure the Desktop App

Your desktop app may have come pre-installed on your computer. If so, you may need to set it up. Otherwise, to install and configure the desktop app:

  1. After signing in to the Oracle Content Management web client, click your user avatar in the top right, then click Download Apps.

  2. If necessary, select the appropriate operating system, then click Download, and save the file.

  3. Take note of your server URL. You'll use this to sign in and set up your account after the app is installed.

  4. When the file is done downloading, open it and follow the instructions to install. When finished installing, launch the app.

  5. Enter the server URL you noted earlier. You will be prompted to sign in.

    A local account folder is set up named after the account. This is the location where your synced files will be placed.

    After you have successfully signed in, you need to set up your account by selecting which folders you want to sync. By default all cloud folders owned by you are synced automatically, but you have to click the Shared with You tab to choose to sync shared folders you don't own.

    By default, the desktop app starts automatically when you turn on your computer. This can be changed in your preferences.