Join or Leave a Group

You can join public groups if the membership is open or you may be added to other groups by the group manager.

Groups are managed using your web browser interface. You can use groups on your mobile device (add them as members to folders and conversations and so on) but you can’t create, delete, join, or leave groups using a mobile device.

Join a Group

To join a group, click Groups in your user menu. Choose Find Public Groups from the menu at the top of the Group page. Choose the group you want to join and click the more menu icon. If the membership is open, you can select Join Group.

You may already be in a group without joining it. People can create groups and add you to them. The group name appears in your list of groups. If you’re in a group and information was shared with the group (for example, if the group was added as a member to folder), that shared item appears in your list of conversations, folders, and content items.

Leave a Group

To leave a group, open the group and select the menu next to your name (the more menu). Select Leave Group. If a conversation, folder, or content item was shared with that group, you’ll lose access to those things immediately.