My Office add-in or Outlook add-in isn’t working

The Office add-in radial menu appears when you edit a Microsoft file, such an Excel spreadsheet and it lets you quickly access several menu options. The Outlook add-in lets you add links to conversations and documents in your email using the Outlook toolbar. If these add-ins become disabled, you can re-enable them following these steps:

  1. Open any Microsoft file, such as a Word, Power Point, or Excel file.

  2. Click File, then Options and then Add-Ins.

  3. In the Manage area at the bottom of the dialog, make sure COM Add-ins is selected and then click Go.

  4. In the COM Add-Ins dialog, select Oracle Content Add-In for Office.

  5. Exit and restart your Microsoft program to enable the add-in.

If your Office add-in is enabled but not working, there may be another reason:

  • You only see the Office radial menu for files that are being synced using the Oracle Content sync client. Make sure your files are being synced and that the sync app is active.

  • Make sure the radial menu is enabled. You can also show or hide the menu by right-clicking on the desktop app icon in your notification area on your computer. Choose Preferences and then Hide Radial Menu or Show Radial Menu.

  • The radial menu only works with Office versions 2010 and later.

  • The radial menu only works with locally installed Office applications, not web-based applications.