Set Notifications and Preferences

You have two ways to access menu options to update your preferences or notifications:

  • Right-click the desktop app icon in the notification area (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac).

  • Click the desktop app icon and then click the More icon.

Set preferences

To check and change your preferences, choose Preferences from one of the menus. You can adjust the following settings using the Preference screen:

  • add a new account

  • choose whether to start the app automatically when you sign in on your computer

  • show or hide the radial menu that appears when you use Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Excel (Windows only)

Set notifications

You can set what kinds of notifications you’ll receive about your conversations. For example, you can be notified by a popup message if someone assigns a Please Reply flag to you in a conversation, or if someone adds you to a new conversation.

To manage notifications about synced content, open the Preferences menu. Select Receive Activity Notifications. Click Choose Notifications to select the type of notifications you’d like to receive and how you’re notified.

You can disable all notifications if needed (for example, during a conference call or a webinar). Select Disable notifications from the menu. To start them again, select Enable notifications.