Sign Up and Sign In

Your organization subscribes to Oracle Content and Experience and the service administrator in your organization adds users so they have access to it. As a user, you then receive a welcome email, which contains the information you need to get started. It contains your credentials (user name, password, and identity domain) and access rights to the service. It also contains the web address (URL) for the service. If you didn’t receive the email, contact your service administrator, the person who is in charge of managing your service.

To get started, go to the service URL you were given and enter the account information that was sent to you in a welcome email. Your system may be set up so you sign in using your corporate credentials, or you may have a separate account for the service. All of that should be in the email you received.

If you don’t know the URL or your account information or you can't sign in, contact your service administrator for details about your account or your password. The service administrator is the person in charge of managing the service for your organization.