Use Assets

Assets are those items you want to group together for use on a website or for other projects. They can include graphics, text, video, or other types of files.

The following is a brief overview of how you can use assets on your mobile device.

Work with Assets

You can review an asset to either approve, reject, or comment on it using your mobile device. Asset approval might just change status, or, if your service and content administrators have configured Oracle Content and Experience to use additional workflow options, approval might be part of a workflow that changes status automatically.

Approve and Reject Assets

In the Home view, you see items that require simple asset approval in the Approvals tile, and you see items that require workflow approval in the Workflow Tasks tile. Tap the tile to view the items.


In the list of assets waiting approval, tap an asset to review if needed. If the asset has multiple pages, tap the page number to open a strip of thumbnail images to navigate and view multiple pages. To see a list of asset properties, tap the information icon.

When you're ready, tap the checkmark to approve the asset. Tap the X icon to reject the asset.

You can also quickly approve or reject an asset directly from the approvals list by swiping a list item right to approve, or left to reject.

Workflow Tasks

In the list of assets waiting approval, you see the due date (if there is one), a preview of the asset, details about the asset, and your workflow task.

To act on the workflow task, tap the workflow task name or Workflow action icon. Select an action, optionally add a comment, and then tap Submit.

You can also take action on an item while viewing it by tapping Workflow action icon at the bottom of the screen.

To learn more about workflow, see Use Workflows in Managing Assets with Oracle Content and Experience.

Comment on Assets in Review

To post a comment when reviewing an asset, view the asset and tap the pin icon to see the annotation tools. When the tool bar is displayed, tap the pin icon in the tool bar then tap the asset to place an annotation in a specific location of a specific page. This opens the asset's conversation where you can post your comment.

Tap the the area select icon in the toolbar then tap-and-drag to select an area of the asset to highlight and annotate.

Tap the the filter icon in the toolbar and select a person to show posts by that person.

Once an annotation has been placed on an asset, tap the placed annotation icon to highlight the post associated with the annotation. You can also tap a post in the conversation to see the annotation associated with the post.